path with construction works across

Dressed for Success

While works are undertaken along Yarra Promenade all efforts are made by the professional teams to minimise their impact on the public. Only done during quiet periods the busy shared path is diverted with clearly marked routes separating cyclists and pedestrians. As the foreshore off the shared path has steps and gutters which are impossible for cyclists to ride through a sufficient width for 2 directions of cyclists is left on the shared path and pedestrians directed around.


The signs haven’t changed since they started these works, but due to selfish pedestrians ignoring the detour whenever these works are in place an additional 2 workers are now hired to stand guard one at each end and ensure the pedestrians don’t enter the narrow section and obstruct the cyclists. We can applaud to the additional steps that are being taken on by these projects just to keep the cyclists safe, while bemoaning the lost productivity caused by the selfish minority.


One thought on “Dressed for Success

  1. My above appreciation is waning as with successive closures the ever friendly enforcers of order in their magnificent fluorescent vests have been absent. Compliance has dropped and once again cyclists and inconsiderate pedestrians are put into conflict.


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