no bike parking sign

Questionable Strategy

Public Transport Victoria have generous rules for cyclists travelling on the train network and are expanding their secure options for storing bicycles at the suburban stations. Though they don’t advertise it to the public in any meaningful way their website is very detailed:

but then in Melbourne style refers you on to another unrelated organisation (as in how the trains and ticketing are two unrelated and separate operations) who operates the majority of the bicycle parking:

Once at the city centre there are a very limited number of bicycle lockers similarly rented by applying for a space and paying a deposit, located in excitingly out of the way places and so well hidden Public Transport Victoria wont show a map or even list their locations on their website.

But plastered all over the city train stations are these lovely signs.


Although parking bicycles is not appropriate on many of the fences they have been applied without consideration and left huge expanses of quiet areas like this unused while the city continues to have a distinct lack of bicycle parking available. That this subtle graffiti has remained in place long term is testament to the ignored and unutilized space.


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