pedestrian crossing blocked by stopped car

Can’t Stop

The ultimate example of the all too common inability of some Melbourne drivers to remain behind the stop line at the lights. Due to ineffective red light cameras and a general lack of any Road Rules enforcement from the police we routinely end up with this sort of hilariously poor driving.

pedestrian crossing blocked by stopped car

The Australian road rules are relatively simple on the matter since their rationalisation to a uniform national format:

170 Stopping in or near an intersection

(1) A driver must not stop in an intersection unless:

(a) the driver is permitted to stop at that place under the Australian Road Rules; or

(b) the intersection is a T-intersection without traffic lights and the driver stops along the continuous side of the continuing road at the intersection

Offence provision.

Needless to say there is not a Road Rule permitting the stopping of vehicles across pedestrian crossings or over the stop line in an intersection.

A big hello to the driver of car license XOU108, you’ve been snapped.


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