parked cars

reSigned to confusion

Parking in on road bicycle lanes, once the evil of poor planning and now simply confusing. Both sides of this road have continuous on road bicycle lanes marked, and did have permissive parking signs explicitly allowing parking in the lanes.

parked cars

However the permissive parking signs which made the situation clear are long gone and while the Australian Road Rules are written such:

187 Stopping in a bicycle lane, bus lane, tram lane, tramway, transit lane, truck lane or on tram tracks


(2) A driver must not stop in a bicycle lane unless:

(a) the driver:

(i) is driving a public bus, public minibus or taxi, and is dropping off or picking up, passengers; and

(ii) is permitted to drive in the lane under the Australian Road Rules or another law of this jurisdiction; or

(b) the driver is permitted to stop or park in the bicycle lane under another law of this jurisdiction.

Offence provision.


The Victorian implementation of them deemed it was not necessary to protect bicycle lanes and removed any reference to them in the rules on stopping. Bicycle lanes that have cars parked in them are of no use to cyclists, but they fallaciously increase the quantity of cycling facilities the council/government claim exist.


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