path choke point

Choking by Advertising

Not content with foisting flyers at commuters the companies advertising with handouts are replaying the same disruptive plan over and over in an attempt to pawn off ever higher quantities of ephemera.

path choke point

Note the beggar (a regular at this location) who sits off the pathway behind the wall were they do not get in anyones way, while the pair of pushy advertisers wearing aprons (likely simply models as these traps always appear in a mixed sex pair and are always immaculately turned out) stand still intentionally narrowing the usable space to slow their targets.

On a shared path less than 3m from wall to wall there is already a natural choke point with contention between users and this sort of antisocial commercial activity needs to be called out. Interestingly it hasn’t only been limited to the busy Flinders St station and similar traps in or near train stations have appeared well out into the suburbs of Melbourne.


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