kissing gate

Stuck in the Pen

Another of the highly promoted shared paths (“trail”) with a complete lack of regard for cyclists, this time the Peninsula Link Trail further south in Melbourne. Along with the typical unsealed sections and improperly marked crossings this trail has one particular feature only seen previously on railtrails. The following photo is not a forced perspective but in fact accurately depicting the size of the pen to trap cyclists in. kissing gate Delicately called a kissing gate ( in other parts of the world this clever bit of engineering requires reversing a bicycle back out of it, necessarily while dismounted (you can be sure we tried to do it without getting off). There were two of these installed along side the Seaford Wetlands, but the other has been removed and only this one at the junction of Old Wells Road and Eel Race Drain remains. The path continues along the other end without any serious impediment, and a car could easily be driven up to either side of the gate so it is not for preventing livestock or wildlife movement. At least the fences have an appropriate clearance from the path, but thats no excuse for adding creative continuity issues for cyclists.


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