parked car

Carefully Stopped

Rapid commercial development leading to oversights followed by road users unafraid of compliance, and we get this.

parked car

Although marked clearly as a no stopping area and despite all the surrounding businesses having built off street parking, this cul-de-sac is routinely full of parked cars along both sides. This is so routine its even documented nicely with google street view, which is able to show the numerous no stopping signs and many empty off street parking spaces available while cars fill the road. Google blur out personal information but I’m not so generous however and will happily shame the driver of vehicle 1DI6FU for their selfish actions.

And just to ensure the mayhem will continue the only pedestrian access (other than the road its self) which is a narrow path ends not quite allĀ of the way towards the back of the court. I’m informed on a normal day the cars are packed so tight its difficult enough to find a way through that the road becomes the easiest option.

A big thanks to Mr C for the tipoff on this one.


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