taxi parked over bicycle lane

Only a Bourke

On the hunt for Melbournes narrowest bicycle lane we can eliminate the easy options first, all too common across Melbourne are these substandard implementations which in the past have caused numerous injuries and even cyclist deaths through parked cars opening their doors into cyclists. To illustrate the space constraints is a driver carefully opening their door into the bicycle lane while there are no oncoming riders.

car door across bicycle lane

While the current solution pursued by the City Council has been to create new lanes with a margin between the bicycle lane and the parking spaces, these existing designs will remain in place for years to come. Most irritating is that the lane width pictured here is less than 900mm, below Austroads minimum of 1200mm width for on road lanes and even less than their description of an absolute minimum cyclist aperture of 1000mm.

taxi parked over bicycle lane

Of course even with the clearly displayed bicycle lane signs and the green surface treatment cars will merrily stop or park across the already limited space despite a clear no stopping sign applying to this area under the path transition.


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