temporary fence


While there are always needs for short term disruption of transport routes, this fence along Point Park installed by 1300tempfence for the Mirvac developments remains in place more than a month after the works immediately adjacent to the path have concluded.

temporary fence

Already an extremely narrow path despite seeing reliably steady use by cyclists and pedestrians (and dogs) throughout the day at 1900mm total width from gutter to edge it falls well short of Austroads minimum acceptable width of 2500mm for a shared path. Vicroads provides no additional guidance on top of the Austroads documents for width but they do specifically address the need for appropriately safe fencing without possibility for snagging or sharp protrusions. The new fence constructed behind this temporary fence fails to address these concerns or even meet the minimum 1200mm height requirement for fencing aligned with cycling routes (being less than 1100mm to the top of the posts). And while it meets the absolute minimum clearance of 400mm, that is only applicable to safe fences along quiet recreational paths which would not describe this key east/west route to the city.

This area has been left to commercial interests and will no doubt provide endless hilarity for readers in future posts due to its complete lack of regard for prevailing specifications or cyclist safety.


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