footpath trading

Commercial Encroachment

Slowly and surely the businesses along South Wharf have been trying to one up each other in using more and more of the shared path.

footpath trading

Despite being allocated “footpath trading areas” in accordance with The City of Melbourne’s council rules:

+ In some areas of the City of Melbourne, delineation markers will be installed in the footpath to assist permit holders to identify their outdoor café. The permit holder must ensure all outdoor café furniture is kept within these markers to assist the circulation, safety and comfort of pedestrians and other users of the public place.

yet Bangpop has installed a permanent set of bicycles that extend beyond their delineated trading and then place their advertising signs further out into the shared path, some days on both sides for maximum exposure. Other businesses along this section have added hefty structures right up to and beyond their trading areas so expect a few more posts to explore these fearless businesses breaking the law and reducing the publics amenity.


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