narrowing bicycle lane

Snakey Kerb

A possible contender for the narrowest bicycle lane in Melbourne is the narrowing of the eastbound path towards the terminus of Lorimer St.

narrowing bicycle lane

Measured from the inside of the gutter to the edge of the white line the lane is a substandard 990mm (absolute minimum of 1200mm), but the meeting of the cast guttering and the asphalt surface is misaligned by over 20mm in places and presents an extreme hazard for cyclists reducing the usable width to 680mm. Constant patching and repairs combined with the heavy vehicle traffic this port road receives has left numerous cracks running both across and close to parallel with the direction of travel, with these step changes larger than 20mm in some parts it is difficult to maintain control with myself and others having come off our bicycles on this section. The even worse off road alternative shall wait for a future post.


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