car SPC191 broken down in traffic

Broken Stop

Cars are remarkably reliable given their complexity and lack of maintenance and breakdowns are both frustrating and inconvenient. But no where else in the world have I seen the Melbourne approach to breakdowns.

car SPC191 broken down in traffic

Standard practice appears to be to leave the vehicle stopped in lane and await a tow, it does not matter if you are in the middle lane of a 3 lane divided road or on the corner of a busy city intersection as here. Due to the complexities of this intersections phasing and respective flows an exclusive left turning lane is present to allow through traffic to continue along Collins St. So with this car remaining in place the turning traffic prevented any forward progress while Collins St remained clear ahead.

Given the easy availability of people power, pushing this car to the empty space on the other side of the intersection would have prevented this little disaster but perhaps thats far too considerate of other road users.


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