Gilby Road post office

Do not deliver

Auspost have an interesting habit of taking packages which could not be delivered and holding them at arbitrarily chosen locations for the receiver to collect (during limited operating hours) within a limited period of time. Here is an example of a postal sorting facility where postal items are frequently held for local recipients.

Gilby Road post office

That the facility may be 5-10km from the recipients address is of no concern to a busy organisation such as Australia Post. From this location on the street there are no bus stops in sight, and even if someone were to use public transit for their journey there is no pedestrian access at all forcing people onto the busy road. Cyclists are similarly treated with zero facilities. Auspost wins a bonus prize for directing people to this location for its limited Saturday opening hours, while failing to mention package collection is the only service offered at those times, unlike the post offices and post outlets in the surrounding area which offer a full service on the weekend.

Australia Post, the service of choice for people who want to pick up their packages by car from random locations during business hours.

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