abrupt shared path corner

Give and Take

Tucking between the Melbourne Maritime Museum and the Melbourne Exhibition Centre is the primary east-west bicycle route across the city. Previously a perilously narrow separated path (old blacked out marking visible in photo) with omnidirectional lanes for cyclists and pedestrians it has been upgraded to a bidirectional shared path.

abrupt shared path corner

Though not addressing the compliance issues with users of the path, evidenced by the pictured person walking into oncoming cyclists and pedestrians, it does make much safer use of the available width. The low throughput is ideal for a shared path as the majority of pedestrian take the more attractive and direct route along the Yarra River. Realignment of the lanes was done on this corner which still fails the required visibility range but which has been rendered “safe” by the application of some stickers to the pavement warning of the hazard (pictured). Of special note is the slippery tiles used to surface this path and the inclusion on the inside of the westbound lane of a metal drain grate which was so slippery a reflective border was added to further warn users.


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