road under bridge

Hiding in the Shadows

… a scared little cyclist. On Flemington Road beneath the Craigieburn line railway bridge is a contender for Melbourne’s narrowest cycle path. Trams sharing with 2 traffic lanes in each direction left no space for a safe on road bicycle path because of the precious guttering.

road under bridge

Safely behind the columns there is a comfortably wide footpath with enough space to even direct the cycle path through it so this remaining vestigial surface behind the kerb is entirely redundant, but boy what a curb this is complete in original rough cobblestones. The smooth road surface couldn’t be married to them so a wheel swallowing gap was simply left between them and the asphalt giving this path 600mm from edge to edge (only 900mm to the kerb inside despite the minimum acceptable width being 1200mm). Between the road narrowing, trams merging, and rapidly changing lighting conditions under the bridge its understandable to be a little apprehensive entering this space as a cyclist.

Did you even spot the cyclist in the image?


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