bike in makeshift stand

Hooked on Trains

While encouraging cyclists to use the trains through lack of fares for the bikes and better than average cycling connectivity to railway stations, the actual trains operated throughout Melbourne remain quite hostile to cyclists.

bike in makeshift stand

Few of the carriages (of which there are numerous different designs in service) have provision for bicycles and those that do may be through serendipity rather than design as the above use of this hand rail structure is neither advertised or signposted anywhere. The example here fits neatly out of the passage between the seats, however most bicycles have a wheelbase too long to tuck backwards like this and they end up across the passageway.

Asking passengers to take a seat and provide access to one of these precious resources has always proven futile with the typically Melbourne entirely selfish attitude in the face of communal needs, leaving the bicycles stranded in the middle of the doors obstructing the flow of all passengers on and off the train.

Large pieces of luggage never draw the same strongly negative responses from commuters, so perhaps a bike box is all thats needed to stealthily use the train. Though of course some sort of allocated storage area would be much preferred.


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