bridge into intersection

Inside Crossing

A mixture of half hearted attempts and lack of cohesion confronts the users of the recently upgraded Arden St. Starting with an on road 900mm wide bicycle lane across a narrow bridge (hidden beneath the wheels of this B-double) we can see how the necessarily tapered barrier treatment for the cars left insufficient space for cycling along the separated path requiring cyclists to use the road.

bridge into intersection

Heading west to the intersection cyclists are then directed onto a short section of shared path to wait at the controlled crossing which has been suitably fitted with the required bicycle lights. Once across the crossing its directly back onto a 15m section of on road bicycle path before that ends dissipating into the quieter side street. Together on paper these could form a reasonably well thought out and functional facility, but the narrow on road path which tapers ahead of the exit ramp (a convenient driveway rather than a designed feature) puts cyclists in an uncomfortable position trying to exit the roadway. Then once onto the shared path insufficient width is available for passing oncoming pedestrians further hindered by the dangerous posts immediately on both boundaries of the path.

We’re grading this one B for effort, and D for execution.


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