terminating bicycle lane

Repeat until Tired

In the middle of a very poorly connected route along Flemington Road is this gem catastrophe of a design. Heading west a cyclists has already had the substandard width path terminate and reform once, divert to the sidewalk, and stall them at pedestrian only traffic lights. Once it appears all the blockages are over you are confronted with this.

terminating bicycle lane

Terminating into traffic that is pushed toward the kerb by the pedestrian refuge (safety zone) for the median aligned tram stop, unfamiliar drivers are frequently surprised by the presence of cyclists suddenly appearing in their lane. Visible just 40 meters up the road the cycle lane reappears and separates the flows once again. Trying to actually access these tram stop refuges is challenging as there are no connected pedestrian crossings (controlled or otherwise) so they certainly are preferable to stranding tram passengers in the middle of the traffic but it has come at the expense of cycling. Surely 3 stops in the space of 450m (1/3 mile) is excessive and some could be eliminated?


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