median stopping area

See the Problem

The eastbound cycle lane along Flemington Road, being one of the better provisioned routes, carries significant commuter traffic at speed. Despite frequent early terminations of the bicycle lane heading into intersections it provides a significantly faster journey than by car. If the missing links such as these could be eliminated it would be (despite substandard widths) much more pleasant for all users. Instead the bicycles are having to mix with both traffic and pedestrians in farcical situations such as this.

median stopping area

This intersection with Boundary Road, Citylink, and Church Street is rather complicated (showing only a quarter of the intersection below) but leaving low hanging fruit such as the above is shameful. Cyclists are directed off the road onto a bidirectional shared path with a well designed ramp, this continues along to terminate at the above point, leaving cyclists within throwing distance of their continuing path but obliged to dismount and cross the road on foot to access the bicycle storage area at the head of the inside lane. Consider this trivial alternative:

intersection before and after

The problem disappears with just a little paint and a ramp in a kerb, gone without even resorting to magic.


2 thoughts on “See the Problem

    1. There is a recreational path crossing nearby which provides options for people who do not want to mix in traffic, and would agree it looks dangerous but once you are in the flow of traffic it feels safe enough. Breaking the flow like it is at the moment really keeps it tense.


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