beer bike

Commercial Concern

Having determined the ownership of the new speed limit signs covered in Speed Limit Limbo through the City of Melbourne council to be Novion Property Group, the operators of the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre, we have the following direct quote from their management:

The area in question is within boundaries managed by Novion Property Group and is considered as private property.

A risk analysis was conducted which identified an increase in pedestrian traffic due to a fully activated precinct. The business made the decision to regulate the area with respect to vehicles, cyclists and motorbikes and therefore measures were introduced for all three modes of transport.

The cyclist measure introduced is a guideline  for cyclists to keep to a safe speed of  8 km for their own safety and those surrounding them.

We are working towards creating a safe and secure shared pathway for all patrons using the promenade and appreciate everyone’s cooperation in doing so.

I wonder how their occupants operating this monstrosity is cooperative with other users of the space?

beer bike

Or having delivery vehicles use the marked bicycle route to access the property is cooperative?

oil truck on shared path

Both of these vehicles use the shared path along the river front which has a varying width close to 4.5m (15ft) when either is positioned centrally as they do it is very tight to fit either side and the safest route is to leave the path and let them pass. The area heavily trades on the cycling cachet, with numerous bicycle racks filled with users of the area and one business even using bicycles as part of their decor (Bangpop shopfront from previous blog post) yet they have failed to adequately plan for their expected traffic volumes.

I am yet to receive a reply as to if Novion consulted or involved any outside organisations in coming to this “measure” of 8km/h speed limits applying only to cyclists but as it is entirely inconsistent with the accepted guidelines for cycling facilities from Austroads/Vicroads I suspect this was an in house solution.

That a critical piece of transport infrastructure is handed over to commercial interests is extremely worrying and councils response on the matter should be interesting.


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