cycle route signs

Council Contact

Following up with the City of Melbourne council on the questionable newly added speed limits along South Wharf Promenade (covered previously in Speed Limit Limbo) I received the following evasive response to my carefully selected questions which failed to address them but did provide a link to the underlying decision making which resulted in an 8km/h speed limit applied to cyclists and skateboards

the path along South Wharf Promenade is controlled by the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre (MCEC)”

When in doubt follow the money. The council staffer responding to me did not directly answer any of my questions, including the simply put:

Is the city promoting a cycling route across private property to which they exert no control?

Given this image I think most readers could come up with an easy answer


Yes, that is the City of Melbourne’s council emblem on the sign, or you could consult their guide which erroneously indicates this as a bicycle lane/path 

The matter has now been raised with the chair of the councils transport portfolio which includes the areas of cycling initiatives and bicycle strategy, traffic engineering, traffic and parking, and transport planning. They have responded and promised a considered response in the new year.


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