path bridge approach

Gangs Away

Still down on the Wharf is this creative way to return path users to solid ground. Although a workable 2400mm (8 feet) width each end terminates into a hard 90 degree corner.


The non-slip “doormat” lulls cyclists into a false sense of security as they approach the articulated ramp onto the structure which has both a negative superelevation (otherwise known as camber, cant, or crossfall) and the rubber surface worn through to bare metal. Even at walking pace I have had my bicycle slide out from under me when the surface is damp. Google maps shows the original path heading further along before descending onto the waterfront but the recent additional construction works have made this diversion necessary.


Looking at the other paths and access built so far in these new works, it appears this fixture is to remain a permanent structure and cyclists will have to continue to try and avoid it.


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