fractured wood plank

Slipping Surface

Once again along the Yarra river into another private development, this time restricting bicycles to a wharf. The owners responsible having made several attempts at getting this surface right, appear to be simply letting it decay into a dangerous mess.


Even when new the horizontal planks had gaps of up to 25mm between them and the joins at the ends were so ridiculous metal plates had to be added to cover them. Like the wood surface once wet they became so slippery that it was not possible to safely ride across them at any speed. Held down with threaded fasteners (screws and bolts) the surfaces are being shaken loose by the constant vibrations of users travelling along them and the sharp edges of the metal plates are turning up into the path of oncoming users.


The additional non slip treatments added are peeling back everywhere despite being only a year old. Between the slippery surfaces and the hazards littering the route it is not possible to ride safely through here when there is any moisture on the ground, falling off onto gravel hurts but sliding across the sharp protrusions shown above would be excruciating. Faced with such awful conditions Its no wonder cyclists are taking any other route than this.


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