shared path detour

Ghosts of Stupidity

Revisiting Point Park (previously in both Sidelined and more recently Signs of Signs) this time looking west departing away from the park. Originally jogged out to make space for a waterfront display home/office for the developments, that has since been removed leaving this illogical diversion.


With insufficient clearance to the dangerous fence on the inside of the corner passing other users around these largely blind corners is unpleasant, particularly when the overrun is either into a hard gutter or onto loose gravel. Austroads describe horizontal curvature as such:

Where a path location or alignment is not constrained by topography or other physical features, a generous alignment consisting of straights and large radius curves is desirable. Such an alignment will provide good sight lines that are essential for safety as well as a pleasant riding experience for cyclists.

These curves with a radius between 1 and 2 metres (3 to 6 feet) don’t even approach the minimum radius of 10m described in the Austroad guides, where for a commuting route at 30km/h (20MPH) they recommend 25m radius turns with lateral clearance of 4m on the inside of the curve for sight lines. A disposable display home complete with its own wharf was seen as a good investment for the developers but providing safe public amenities doesn’t make it onto their radar.


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