cycle path ends into shared path which ends

Forced Termination

Building up to the reveal of what must be some of the worst cycling connectivity anywhere in Australia another piece of the puzzle which alone is still repugnant. Presented here as a large image to capture all the details (click to enlarge).

cycle path ends into shared path which ends

The on road cycle lane is directed off onto the shared path in a rather awkward and dangerous series of sharp turns (as usual completely ignoring Austroads guides for horizontal alignment) through a bollard and over a metal manhole cover for bonus hazards.

The punchline is this shared path has no exit for cyclists.

Zoom in and see just 40m (100 something feet) along a shared path end sign directly in the middle of the path as it parts, not a single connecting route from the shared path is legal for a cyclist to use. Directing cyclists to dismount and walk is appropriate in pedestrian areas of dense urban centres or where special events are occurring and alternative routes can be used to avoid the area, but none of that applies here as the on road facility is summarily terminated. Breaking connectivity of the adjoining extensive investment in cycling infrastructure is just ridiculous, little gaps like this destroy a network and just force conflict between path or road users as cyclists try to make sense of it all.


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