electronic and paper posters

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Some of the railway network in Melbourne is slowly having its stations upgraded, from their previously technologically devoid state. Even “premium” stations could have no clocks or electronic displays, instead relying on an antiquated push button telephone link which would call a talking timetable. Even the central stations messaging signs/boards don’t provide realtime information and fall back to “please listen for announcements” if there is any variation. There was hope for the newly installed digital signage, and now having been in operation for some months that hope is slowly fading.

electronic and paper posters

The quote from the paper poster that is advertising this new infrastructure investment:

The new network status boards will provide up-to-date information about train, tram and bus services across the network.’

The boards will let you know if services are running smoothly or experiencing delays and provide information about planned service changes.

Occasionally there is some timetable information displayed but defaulting back to a static timetable or even just a clock would be a huge improvement over this static direction to a website, not even including a camera scannable code (“QR code”) for phones. For extra laughs the feedback form they direct comments to returns a 404 error on submission.


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