cycle path ends into footpath

Termination Replication

Across the enormous intersection (200m or 700 feet) from the previously covered Forced Termination we find an eerily similar blockage to progress, even more impressive this time terminating into a footpath.

cycle path ends into footpath

Despite the high speed ramp, cyclists using the on road lane are dropped into a footpath at a constriction. Obviously some thought was put into the on road lane or the ramp would not even be there, but here not only does the path have no legal exits for cyclists, they can’t even legally enter it.

Straight through cyclists have to cross 2 sets of pedestrian crossing lights on foot before continuing on the on road lane immediately exiting the intersection. To make just this through route viable not only would the path need to be wider and signposted for shared use but bicycle crossing lights would need to be added to these crossings. Interestingly there is excess space to narrow the footpath and/or road lane to provision an on road bicycle path straight through here.

Attempting to turn right is a complete non-starter requiring either the crossing right of 4 lanes of traffic to join the other vehicles in the turning lanes, or taking the foot route across 6 pedestrian signalled crossing segments and an additional uncontrolled crossing. With a continued through on road lane here the left entering lanes could have had a turning box (advance stopping area) to make hook turns for the right going cyclists safe and obvious.

It should be interesting to find out how this half backed disaster has been allowed to be left in this state.


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