white van RJR795 parked over bicycle lane

Rathdowne Rat

Several novelties in a single trip along Rathdowne St in the north of Melbourne, ending with this single image summing most of it up.

white van RJR795 parked over bicycle lane

The bicycle lane has widened slowly over the years to the point of squeezing out sufficient parking width to the kerb, though sadly without my tape measure to hand I do not have the accurate measurements characteristic of this blog. Sections along the Street had narrower still allowances with various smaller vehicles unable to keep themselves behind the marked lines, while urban “off roaders” spilled right out into the lane even when parked perfectly against the kerb. So with the door margins eliminated it was necessary to ride to the extreme right of the lane for safety until reaching this ubiquitous white van happily double parked across the lane with no-one in sight. A big hello to the driver of this vehicle with number plates RJR 795 and their fearless display of selfishness.


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