friendly cyclist

Chipping at Stereotypes

Being shouted at by a fellow passenger who took offence to my carriage of a bicycle against a seat on the train this morning proved interesting when they:

  1. Suggested if I didnt like their behaviour I should write to my local member for parliament. Which was interesting as I was entirely within the law and when I suggested they should write to their member if they were unhappy with the situation the fellow passenger just got louder and then
  2. They claimed that the train would fill up and there would be no seats left at some point further in the journey, which riding the same train each day I was sure would not happen, and in fact did not.

With a half empty train once again an impatient and narrow minded traveller tries to use public pressure in their pursuit of making cyclists uncomfortable, perhaps next time I can ask if all the passengers should get off the train for them so they can have more space. The sad fact being that many knowing nods of agreement met with this passengers outburst. Actually trying to find the rules governing public transport in this city is rather hard, not linked to by the transport operators website but found in Transport (Conduct) Regulations 2005 which despite another blogs questioning its status is being enforced by the courts  I’m still yet to find any reference to any passenger being required to give up their seats, even the “priority seats” for elderly, pregnant, disabled, injured, etc passengers don’t appear to have any offences associated with them. Drinking is equally without strict prohibition, but don’t you dare put your feet on the seats unless the well enforced $217 fine takes your fancy. The evening return ride was much more pleasant sharing a doorway with this regular traveller.

friendly cyclist

Breaking the stereotypes of cycling our friendly bricklayer and builder (colloquially a Chippie in this country) who sees no problems with a bicycle for their daily transport. Lycra clad rockets are in the small minority, but those stuck in cars don’t see the broad range of people and ways that bikes get used.


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