pedestrian filling a wide path

Space Filler

Shared paths, its all in the name though most pedestrians still seem to think there are only footpaths. A regular commuter takes the same route each morning lumbering up this ramp and straight along the shared path all the while keeping a 1m (3 foot) gap to his left, neatly splitting the narrower section pictured perfectly in half.

pedestrian filling a wide path

I’m yet to see any cyclist even attempt to pass this particular pedestrian on their route, while riding or walking their bicycle, instead patiently waiting for the path to widen before passing. In return for such courtesy this week alone I’ve had a group of runners 4 abreast abuse me for not getting out of their way while they run across the width of the path towards me, and a pedestrian almost walk into me as they tried to walk down the left of the path squeezing through all the oncoming pedestrians I was in the middle of. Madness not only on the roads.


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