highway grade intersection

Blink and its gone

So not quite Melbourne but still within Victoria this doubly poor intersection joining Jones St in Avenel onto the Hume Highway deserves a mention. Heading south towards Melbourne the service station is announced in advance by signs, but it is not until 300m to the turn that any of the signs mention you exit from the right hand lane (as distinct from the majority of the service stations which have an exit from the left most lane). With only 200m to cross both lanes of traffic before coming to a stop in the 100m of exit provided, a challenging ask to drop safely from 110km/h in such a short distance with traffic merging from the right for additional distractions.

highway grade intersection

Returning from this northern side road back onto the highway to continue south a large sign reads:

<- 150m

Not mentioning that to make this manoeuvre you first drive directly across the road into the median and then proceed 65m to the U-turn, taking the sign at face value you are instead trapped under a solid white line for 180m before being returned to the highway now heading the wrong direction with a 25km detour to turn around. A diagram of the lane layouts would have been much easier to interpret, but that takes all the fun out of!


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