car UBJ 894 parked in bicycle lane

Parking on borrowed space

Another utility jaunt down Rathdowne Street brought an excellent example of just how selfish some Melbourne drivers are. Surviving 2 drivers opening their doors into my path this additional encounter added some crass to the occasion.

car parked in bicycle lane

Despite there being empty parking spaces within 50m down the road and a driveway 3 cars behind this parking location, the driver was clearly much more important than other road users and decided double parking while blocking a bicycle lane was entirely appropriate. Despite stopping to take photos no people were visible near the vehicle or in the street.

car parked in bicycle lane

Bonus disaster for their use of the parking side door clearance to provide a spacious safe area next to their car, further narrowing the remaining lane. So as is tradition we say an internet hello to the driver of this Holden Commodore wagon (estate) with registration plates UBJ 894 and note just the following road rule they managed to break in their example of stupidity:

208 Parallel parking on a road

(8) The driver must position the vehicle so the vehicle does not unreasonably obstruct the path of other vehicles or pedestrians.

Possible fine of 3 penalty units ($442.83) but being Victoria there is no rule prohibiting parking in a bicycle lane and the obstruction would be only to the parked cars, bicycles of course forced into constant merging in and out of the traffic.


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