loaded ute

Collision without the Statistic

Starting the day with a vehicle colliding into you doesn’t have any upside or silver lining, its simply unpleasant. Waiting behind a stationary ute (truck) at the traffic lights entering the eastern end of Lorimer St (as previously presented in Context) there are several risks which come to mind, but the driver in front reversing into me was not predicted. This route through the intersection heading from the east into the west or northern exits only triggers on every second cycle of the traffic lights, possibly being confused with this and attempting to return to over the inductive occupancy sensor the driver reversed, at speed great enough that it was impossible to get out of their way. Collision results.

loaded ute

For comedy the vehicle was in fact adorned with this array of safety equipment, including a reversing beeper, yet they forgot to leave some rearward visibility. Everyone involved has smiles on their faces as there was no material damage or injuries, and the company operating the vehicle is now looking into improving their drivers visibility. Living in a jurisdiction where the police will not take reports of threatening or dangerous driving, these little incidents of course go unrecorded. The intersection its self is still wildly inhospitable for cycling despite being noted in all the cycling plans as an important route and this east to west passage is timed for vehicle speeds of 60km/h leaving cyclists having to sprint across in front of the oncoming cross traffic. The local council has responded that the road is under the management of VicRoads, we shall await their comment.


One thought on “Collision without the Statistic

  1. As cyclist I would want to be a little off center in most cases. However that just encourages drivers to squeeze into the space you left in an attempt to be seen… Hope you are okay and they repair any damage to your ride.


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