Downgraded to Tracks

Connecting more of the sporadic routes through east Melbourne; Nat’s Track threads between a pair of abutting golf courses which are otherwise impermeable and create a contiguous barrier several kilometres in length. From this entrance located inside a school property with its gate a sign claims the track is only open during daylight hours, but in reverse no such barrier is found or warning made so if the gate were closed the trip of 550m would be only to discover a lengthy detour.


The lack of any lighting, isolated position without pubic view onto the track, and being impossible to see through to the other end, makes for an uncomfortable journey even during the day. Over the tall fences on each side is clearance for vehicles to follow the fence line along similarly unkempt surfaces hiding the manicured golf courses beyond with dense shrubbery and trees furthering the unwanted seclusion. Between a loose surface and narrow width turning a bicycle around is not possible without dismounting and handrails are placed across the path a frequent intervals creating choke points not wide enough to pass more than a single pedestrian or bicycle through.

No features at all to make this an attractive alternative to driving around the golf courses along the highway, other than its a shorter route, but due to the hostile drivers and roads it is the only usable infrastructure for cyclists.


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