pedestrians walk in a line along shared path

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Researching for the previous post brought up a very contemporary tool the City of Melbourne was trying to use to engage with cyclists:
It even captured a short television news segment tying in with the project from the 13/04/2015:

Now closed for “comments” it asked the following question.

How can we make cycling in the city better?

We’re interested to know:

Your ideas improve bike riding in the city
Your bike riding issues and challenges
Where you like riding your bike in Melbourne

But is sadly polluted with an organised and determined pedestrian group who have added the same generic and repeated complaints over much of the map. The contentious use of open shared areas for pedestrians and cyclists is recognised by all as less than ideal, but complaints about a lack of space are grossly over inflated.

pedestrians walk in a line along shared path

Despite the 11m (36 feet) of width along South Bank pedestrians fill the open space and then dislike cyclists filtering through them, seeing the cyclists as the problem so claim reduced speed limits or eliminating cyclists is required. Typical pedestrian behaviour in these open areas includes, walking 1m away around any obstruction or edge, forming groups walking abreast, moving in any given direction without looking, standing still in groups anywhere in the space, having uncontrolled pets or children, etc, the space is not recognised as a thoroughfare but as just another space.

The often conflated shared zones of roads are only deemed appropriate where there is no through traffic. For paths however Austroads is unambiguous on the matter, without an alternative path or low pedestrian use separated bicycle and pedestrian paths is the only option. But as previously discussed enough Melbourne pedestrians seem incapable of sharing space that previous attempts have been ineffective (as previously in Give and Take or Crossing the Line).


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