queensbridge street closed to all traffic and pedestrians

Stealthy Closure

When a major thoroughfare across the city is closed for roadworks typically they are well planned with advance notice and detours posted from some distance away. Yarratrams (the tram operator of Melbourne) like to do things a little differently as they demonstrated with the recent closure of the length of Queensbridge Street.

queensbridge street closed to all traffic and pedestrians

The detour signs are the green placards on the right of the image, both not aligned with the adjoining routes and jutting out into the little space left remaining for the pedestrian detours. So stealthy was this week long works package no hint of it was found online until an article from one of Melbourne’s newspapers appeared after the commuter rush on its first day in place. A single lane of the road was maintained through the works to appease the Casio operators, but organising a pedestrian crossing was not given the same effort, going further to actually impede the pedestrian routes along the detour to less than their typical width despite needing to carry much larger volumes.

Compare to City of Melbourne’s (the local council) effort when they are planning some works along the same busy pedestrian route.

signs announcing closure of bridge

Rotating through the full message on the illuminated sign it informs passers by of the projected dates of closure and being within sight of two alternative crossings of the river (one being the Queensbridge) does not need any complicated maps. We’ll come back to this works once underway to look at how they manage the narrow and limited access ways.


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