construction parking across shared path

Bridge to Bridge

As promised a follow on to the recent closure of Queensbridge St, with the council closing the next bridge up the river for repairs. Only for pedestrian traffic the bridge carries people from Flinders St railway station (Melbourne’s “main” station) to the south side of the Yarra River between the Sandridge and Princes bridges, only necessitating a short detour to avoid. However, along with closing the bridge the shared path beneath it has been closed funnelling all users of the north bank through this single path.

construction parking across shared path

Taking what was a comfortably wide path for the existing use and reducing it to a width of less than 1800mm (6 feet), space for only two people to walk past each other. To pick two cases so far; not enough space for bicycles to pass on this shared path, and not enough space to pass a pedestrian with an umbrella open. The use for all this cordoned off area? Parking of vehicles and storage of supplies, inefficiently using a tiny fraction of the enclosed expanse.


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