container train at passenger platform

Night Train Haul

Lacking in network links the congested beyond capacity Flinders St Station, the central station of the Melbourne train network and hub through which all trains converge, carries regular passage of diesel hauled heavy freight but only after hours.

container train at passenger platform

Thundering through the station it managed to drown out the loud music of the Taven/Pub which has been built contiguous with the open southern wall of the station. Taking long enough for the traveller seated next to me to eat their entire hamburger meal before it had completely passed through and the possibility of talking politely returned. There were dedicated rail links to ports, but they have been sold off along with all the other routes which had allowed trains to traverse Melbourne without adding to the congestion of Flinders St Station. Single Hub systems do not scale, though perversely, it has likely driven up the property value of the city due to the lack of transport options for commuters not passing through the middle of the city.


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