bicycle lane chicane

Eastbound Chicanery

Entering Turner St from the East entrance (a complicated intersection in and of its self) the new bicycle lanes first departs directly for the kerb before making a dog leg right hand turn over the broken pavement surface to then follow parallel to the parked cars. The safety zone fitted here correctly sized and all, but forgetting the basics of horizontal alignment in curve radius.


Departing from the line of parked cars the bicycle lane continues its kerb hugging journey through a chicane again placing the tight turns on fractured surfaces. Extra disaster added with parked vehicles blocking any view of the paths condition.


A lane or path transition for bicycles is shown as being a 10 degree taper in the Austroads guides, or 20 degrees for a low speed device (as could be used to intentionally slow cyclists entering a shared path), here 22 degrees of heart pumping blind corner chicane adventure.


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