Bicycle lane against angle parking

Planter Parking

Nestled hard against the road is the existing 90 degree angle parking on Turner St is just under the minimum requirement of 4800mm depth for vehicles parking while over-hanging the kerb as here. Traversing an industrial estate the parking supports workers and keeps the lanes clear for heavy vehicles. While the undersized parking bays were not a problem against a generous traffic lane the operators of this road decided to add cycling infrastructure to the mix.


Note the heavy vehicles crossing the central dividing lines to provide adequate clearance. Current Austroads guides as endorsed and accepted by road authorities around Australia a cycle lane should be separated with a clear space between the parking bays so that cars can manoeuvre safely out of the way of the cyclists, and when exiting clear the other cars to gain visibility before pulling out. The guides mandate a minimum 800mm of additional space on top of a 4800mm parking bay and 1200mm minimum bicycle lane width. Here the bicycle lane is at the minimum, the parking bay below the design depth, and the safety clearance completely absent. Austroads guides have an excellent summary of minimums:

Generally, if a minimum is used for any particular design element, it is preferable to avoid using a minimum for another element in the same location, for the road to be able to still provide an appropriate factor of safety to the road user.

But hey, just completely removing safety elements should be alright yeah?


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