bicycle lane chicane

Yet More Chicanery

Westbound on Turner St reversing the previous post drivers are presented with a delicate 5 degree taper slowly moving them out of the path of the parked cars.


Following the bicycle lane underneath this to its deflection the same 22 degree design is mirrored from the opposite kerb.


The dead flat elevations of this area and safe clearances to obstructions and other vehicles encourage unusually comfortable speeds for Melbourne, 30km/h (20mph) and more being achieved even on these mountain bikes without effort. Fitting the curves for safe travel through these chicanes yields a design speed of less than 25km/h, the departure from the surrounding operating speed is so large that the guides require:

adequate signage needs to be provided to inform drivers of the restricted speeds required by the alignment

Not that the prejudiced designers would consider any treatment at all. Of course the alternative suggested as superior by Austroads would have been far too logical to employ.

redesigning the curve element to make it more consistent with the alignment


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