cat on roof of car surfing

Cat Videos

Apparently users of the internet insist on consuming cat videos, so here is the Melbourne Transport Disasters contribution to the seemingly endless demand. Both in the usual fashion of original content and remaining on topic.

A happy and adventurous cat trying his hand at car surfing, caught in horrible quality on a mobile phone while we tried to alert the driver. Looking in the other direction reversing as they were and unable to hear inside the well sealed vehicle it took some effort for us to gain their attention but we did stop them and pick the cat off the car, funny memories of our favourite cat.

Some months later he met a premature end under the front of a car on the road at the front of the premises, but it was days before we found out what had happened through the community grapevine. Despite being registered and tagged with an identification microchip we the owners were never informed of what happened, as best can be pieced together he was run into by a car and (possibly later) died laying on the gutter where he was left for a day before disappearing. Here is what the law has to say on the matter:

61 Duty of driver etc. of motor vehicle if accident occurs
(1) If owing to the presence of a motor vehicle an accident occurs whereby any person is injured or any property (including any animal) is damaged or destroyed, the driver of the motor vehicle
(a) must immediately stop the motor vehicle; and
(b) must immediately render such assistance as he or she can; and
(c) must at the scene of the accident as soon as possible give his or her name and address and also the name and address of the owner of the motor vehicle and the identifying number of the motor vehicle-
(i) to any person who has been injured or to the owner of any property which has been damaged or destroyed;

(f) if any property is damaged or destroyed and neither the owner of the property nor any person representing the owner nor any member of the police force is present at the scene of the accident, must as soon as possible report in person full particulars of the accident at the police station that is most accessible from the scene of the accident if that station is open and, if it is not open, at the next most accessible station.

It would not have been hard to find us amongst the houses as most neighbours know the pets of the street and could direct anyone to the owners. Hit and run accidents are an extremely serious offence when involving injuries to people, and understandably lesser for property damage only with a maximum fine of only $750 or 14 days jail time. In perspective, fleeing the scene and failing to provide aid has a maximum cost less than that of a replacement cat.

cat on roof of car surfing

Of course the driver could not be expected to be accountable for the actions of the cat but leaving an animal to die is truly a heartless act.


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