fractured wood plank

Sharing the Pain

While there are an abnormal proportion of commuting cyclists where I work (typically 10% and substantially more in good weather) this is largely due to the poor public transport options otherwise available so the cyclists and bikes span a wide diversity. With limited infrastructure available our routes inevitably overlap despite differing preferences for segregation and operating speeds. Updates of changes and conditions are spread naturally amongst us and the hazardous surfaces along the Yarra are well known to have caught several victims even when trying to ride as carefully as possible. Since that event I was able to work through the bureaucracy of local council and discuss the problem with their engineering department who having been alerted to the problem cheerfully claimed responsibility for repairing the worst of the deterioration.

The City of Melbourne appreciates your concerns in relation to the deterioration of the River Esplanade shared path surface. As part of regular maintenance works and in response to your query, recuperation works commenced on March 3rd 2015 to restore the River Esplanade shared path surfaces to adequate conditions for cyclists and pedestrians alike. These works are scheduled for completion next week. Should your concerns in relation to the surfacing of this shared path persist post maintenance, please do not hesitate to contact Engineering Services at your earliest convenience.

Indeed basic maintenance simply replacing the areas of peeling non-slip surfaces and reattaching the lifting metal, leaving the differential friction issues and slippery wood surface as they were. Enter Mr S and his recent effort of trying to remain upright

multiple abrasion injuries on an arm

Perhaps the council will only pay attention when some monetary damages can be claimed, as the incalculable damage to flesh seems to attract no importance.


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