taxis ignoring all road markings

Detector Perception

Back to highlight more of the ineptly implemented intersection at the eastern termination of Lorimer Street, looking west along the minor road entering from the exhibition centre complex. Both lanes have traffic lane arrows, the leftmost lane showing left turns only, and the rightmost lane (visible) showing turns in either direction and straight passage are permitted. The taxi waiting beyond the stop line appears to have decided to change from the right to the left lane after stopping at the lights, but an explanation for the taxi following to be straddling both lanes remains elusive.

taxis ignoring all road markings

Sharp eyed viewers will notice the problem created where both vehicles now sit off the easily visible inductive loop detectors, at a side road such as this where the signal phase is only triggered on demand (as measured by the detectors) they will sit here indefinitely at a red signal or until another vehicle moves onto the loop detectors. Further complicating this arm of the intersection is the decision to have many phases during which this facing is alternately presented with a (overlapped) left turn only, or an all directions green signal. Depending on other traffic loads the wait times extend beyond 3 minutes for a vehicle wishing to turn right or travel straight through, which as noted in the literature and design guides is likely to cause impatient road users to jump the lights and frequently drivers are seen changing their position (as here) in response to a complete cycle of phases passing without them being given a green signal. Some other intersections in Melbourne have been given rather unusual (and creative as traffic engineering goes) signs warning users that the signals have alternate phasing implemented and will have to wait an additional cycle, but such clues are not mandatory or even mentioned in design documents leaving those waiting at intersections like this confused and irritated.


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