roadsign in bicycle lane

Evening Abuse

Not the first roadwork sign in a bicycle lane for the day but at least the previous ones were positioned in a closed lane. Instead the sign here on William Street cautioning road users that there are roadworks on the adjoining Lonsdale Street and pushing bicycles into contention with the other traffic lanes.

roadsign in bicycle lane

This was shortly after being berated with the new and creative abuse:

Real Men ride Women

Crossing the line completely from random insults and rants across into hateful bigotry, simultaneously denigrating both homosexuals and people who choose to use bicycles for their transport. Drive by abuse has been carefully lampooned in the Drive By Abuser sketches of Modern Toss where ridiculous abuse is directed toward anything and everything yet carefully avoids offence. Comedians similarly walk a fine line in use of stereotypes but similarly avoid joining any group with a value judgement or merit. In the hands of the general public we end up with such clumsy attempts simply perpetuating prejudice. Given the police of this state don’t even accept reports of physically threatening behaviour, its not even worth attempting to engage them on such a “soft” issue and sadly the best approach continues to be just to ignore it and deny the antagonizers any response.


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