The Kids Run

Caught off guard with the wrong camera/lens/position the following images still paint a picture of the selfish and bizarre attitudes of Melbourne’s drivers. McRae St terminates into the busy Railway Parade in a T junction here and located one house back from the main road on the right is a child care centre without any off-street parking. Typical users of a day care centre concentrate their traffic to a very narrow window each day before work but after the centre has opened, here the rush is in full swing a 8:35 AM.


Parked legally on the left of the side road but only two car lengths away from the crossing main road the driver of the silver four wheel drive style vehicle chooses to unload their delivery from the offside (traffic side) of the vehicle. Note that the vehicles parked both sides of the road here are all delivering children to the day care centre and are all of a four wheel drive style, while a car shaped body allows approaching drivers to see over the top of them to any full sized people adjacent to them these large vehicles completely hide the driver from being seen by any vehicles turning in from the left (as many were).


Having now spent some time extracting the delivery the driver then steps out into the road without looking. And releases a second child running across the road across the path of an oncoming vehicle, again without checking for any turning vehicles.


And sadly missed by the camera this driver walks across the road in front of the oncoming vehicle expecting them to yield, which thankfully they did. Tomorrows drivers being taught all the wrong behaviours. Bizarrely the driver is increasing everyone else’s risk on the road operating a heavy vehicle yet is not applying the fundamentals of road safety themselves.


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