between queues of traffic

Right onto Lorimer St

For reference before any changes are made to the junction of Lorimer St and Wurundjeri Way this is the right turn arrangement since the intersection completed construction approximately 1 year ago.

It begins on the (earlier) marked bicycle lane with a blind approach over the crest of the bridge, simultaneously around a curve with limited sight distance, until that lane terminates onto the footpath. It is not legal to ride a bicycle on the footpath and even if this section were changed to a shared path it lacks the width to comfortably have bicycles and other users pass each other, as the footpath narrows at the end of the bridge to make more space for a garden. This leaves cyclists the option to dismount and walk around the intersection by using 6 separate crossings, or cross the 3 lanes of traffic mid block into the turning queue.

Why does the bicycle lane not continue through? To allow space for those 3 lanes travelling through to fan out to 6 at the stop line not counting the additional 1 lane turning left and 2 lanes turning right. Preventing even hook turns to be accommodated. The larger context as previously presented:

map of all transport at Lorrimer Street east terminus


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