family cycling on shared path

Wrong Way Home

Reversing the trip out of town and returning along shared paths of the Merri Creek and Main Yarra Trails and a mixture of on road infrastructure, presented at 10x normal speed:

Covering these 10km took 35 minutes while the next best route (even as suggested by google maps) would have been returning south on Rathdowne Street as previously and then across the city adding 50% to its length for a journey of less than 25 minutes.

Although enjoyable enough as a bicycle ride these shared paths demonstrate the varied needs of bicycle riders, while the on road lanes are largely empty on the sunny weekend the shared paths have a steady flow of recreational users who have no interest in riding along roads. Equally this overtly recreational infrastructure is inadequate for the needs of commuting or sporting cyclists. While other cities and countries have been able to build path networks that meets the needs of all cyclists Melbourne appears to have enough users to be able to support these distinct, dedicated, and duplicated routes.

Bizarrely the on road infrastructure is a more sociable way to ride as it presents ample opportunity to ride two abreast and talk with a companion or friendly stranger; shouting over traffic noise being easier than talking to someone following behind you in single file.

Rather than a walkthrough of this journey the points of interest will be presented in detail through individual posts:

… more to be added


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