advisory bicycle lane adjacent to parked cars

Blythering Stupid

Ignoring all the work that has been put into road safety is the deceitful “Advisory Treatment”.

advisory bicycle lane adjacent to parked cars

Despite not being mentioned in any current Vicroads standards this section on Blyth Street (after going through the Google maps history) has been repainted in the last several years. A reference can be found in the Cycling Aspects of Austroads Guides 2011:

Advisory treatments are used to indicate or advise road users of the potential presence of cyclists and of the location where cyclists may be expected to ride on a road. They use pavement markings, warning signs or guide signs, and as such have no regulatory function. The purpose of these treatments is usually to define a bicycle route rather than a type of facility to which specific road rules apply. The form of the treatment is a matter for local jurisdictions.

But as marked they would place the cyclists against parked cars, reinforce the view that cyclists should stay out of the way of other traffic, and encourage close passing which is not a safe position on these narrow roads. The 6m (20 foot) roadway is unable to safely contain parking + cycling 3.7m (12 foot) combined minimum with a road lane of 3m minimum (10 foot) and would be better served without any segregation.


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