dog running next to shared path

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Bad infrastructure combined with selfish users, a sure recipe for disaster on this woefully inadequate section of “shared” path. Here at section of less than 1200mm (4 feet) in width the owner of a loose dog decided they would be best positioned stationary on the path while their dog runs around.

dog running next to shared path

Aside from the ridiculous desire to stand still on a narrow pathway the Moreland Council is clear about their conditions for owners of dogs:

Dog owners must keep their dog in effective control with a chain, cord or leash held by the owner and attached to the dog while the dog is in any public place, other than in a designated off-leash area or park.

Even when in the off leash areas which this section isn’t:

At all times, owners must bring their dog under effective control by using a chain, cord or leash when the dog is within:

1 metre of a shared pathway (and at all times while on the shared pathway).

Just ignoring the councils rules leaves the owners risking a potential $300 fine, but thankfully Australian law assigns responsibility for a dog’s actions (as with the actions of children, or a child’s pet) leaving their owner with civil liability. Interestingly in the Domestic Animals Act 1994 owners of felidae fall under most of the same requirements as owners of canidae, except there is no prohibition on teaching a cat to attack, also while there are prohibited breeds of dog it is legal to own a dingo (but not a good idea as they are a lot of work to keep physically and intellectually stimulated), finally although there are no prohibitions on specific cats trying to register a large exotic such as a panther would likely prove difficult as useful as they might be for transport.


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